PART ONE The Tragedy of Karbala




Complete darkness


Qur'an Reciter: (Offstage - recite Surah al-Saffaat 37:99-109)


This recitation should take approximately three minutes and be done slowly and carefully with accurate pronunciation.


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English Translator: (Offstage, slowly, with careful pronunciation)


        And he said, alayhi-s-salaam, I am turning towards my Lord. He will guide me.

        O Lord! Grant me a righteous son!

        So We gave him good news -- a righteous child.

        And when he grew old enough to work with him, he said: O my son! I dreamt that I sacrificed you. Do you see the same thing? He said: O my father, do whatever you are commanded to. You will find me patient insha'allah.

        So when they had surrendered to the will of Allah, and he threw him onto his forehead,

        We called out to him: O Ibraheem!

        You have fulfilled your vision! Thus do we reward those who do good.

        This was nothing but a clear trial,

        We ransomed him for a Great Sacrifice,

        And we left it for a later time.

        Peace be upon Ibraheem.


Narrator: (Offstage, factually. Lights still off) The actors and actresses have attempted to represent the people and events involved in the Tragedy of Karbala accurately. However, in some cases, the events and wording have been altered for the sake of clarity. We hope to present to you our interpretation of what befell the descendants of the Prophet (saawaws) in the way that best enlivens the message of Imam Husain (as). We ask Allah to pardon any of our errors.


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