(Imam Husain is praying at the grave of his grandfather, tears in his eyes)


Imam Husain: Assalaamu 'alayka, Grandfather, Rasul Allah. It's me, Husain, Fatimah's son. I swear I'm trying to do what you told me to. I'm trying to lead these people. But they've all abandoned me. They don't care about what's right. I swear, Grandfather, no matter what they do, I will stand up for what is right, and forbid what is wrong, even if I have to give up my own life. O God, by the holiness of this grave, help me in the way of the one who is buried here. Help me in the way of Your Prophet.


Voice of the Prophet (saawaws): Husain! I see you now. Your body is smeared in blood, and grief and trials surround you. My followers have cut off your head. You were thirsty, but they denied you water. And they still dare to ask for my intercession. May God keep my intercession from them. Husain! Your father, mother, and brother are with me, and we are waiting for you. Your place in jannah is ready for you, but it is so great that you must be martyred to achieve it.


Imam Husain: Grandfather, I don't want to go back to this world. Take me with you, into your grave.


Voice of the Prophet: You must go back, and be martyred. Earn the reward which Allah has prepared for you. On the Day of Judgement, you and I and your father Ali will be resurrected together and enter Paradise.


Imam Husain: Grandfather....


(Rises. Walks across stage, lost in thought. Distant adhaan of fajr. Muhammad ibn Al-Hanafiyyah enters)


Muhammad: Peace be upon you, brother! A fine morning, isn't it?


Imam Husain: Peace be upon you too.


(They embrace)


Muhammad: What's wrong,? What happened?


Imam Husain: I dreamt I saw our grandfather, Rasul Allah.


Muhammad: It's a sign. You're not safe here anymore. Yazid's after you.


Imam Husain: Nowhere is safe. But we can never give our allegience to that man.


Muhammad: You have to leave. Hide somewhere. Go to Makkah.


Imam Husain: There is no other way. We will perform the hajj.


Muhammad: We will miss you when you're gone. You know how much the people love you.


Imam Husain: Brother, I leave my last will and testament in your hands.


Muhammad: But you are coming back.


Imam Husain: I trust you more than anyone else with it. Copy it, exactly as I say.


Muhammad: I always did what you told me before, brother, and you never let me down. I will obey you now.


Imam Husain: In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Ashhadu an laa ilaaha illa Allah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah. Know that I am not rising up to spread evil or gain power. I am rising up to reform the ummah of my grandfather. I intend to propagate true Islam and forbid all evil just like my grandfather and my father.


Muhammad: So you're not going into hiding. You're starting a revolution.


Imam Husain: You will never see the day when I yield submissively, and death watches me back away. Write.


Muhammad: Yes brother.


Imam Husain: Whoever accepts the truth through me has accepted the truth from Allah. Whoever betrays me shall receive forbearance from me, and I pledge to endure patiently until Allah judges between myself and those who do wrong, and Allah is the best of judges. This is my will to you, brother, and my hope is with Allah. On Him to I rely, and to Him do we return. I will leave now.


Muhammad: We can't loose you here. Take care of yourself.


Imam Husain: From Him do we come, and to Him do we return. Do not fear. God is with you. You know as well as I do that shahaadah is our destiny.


(Um Salamah comes up to him as quickly as she can given her old age)


Um Salamah: Husain! Husain!


Imam Husain: Um Salamah!


Um Salamah: Husain, you're like my own son to me. Tell me you are not going to Kufa.


Imam Husain: This is where God has decreed that we go, and we must answer the call of God.


Um Salamah: Please, have mercy on an old woman who has already lost her husband and her husband's children. Don't let me watch them kill you too.


Imam Husain: My grandfather told you this.


Um Salamah: How could I forget? One night, I was sitting at home with Rasul Allah, and he was crying. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that his son Husain was going to be murdered in Iraq. Then he gave me an strange glass, full of sand. He told me -- and these words have never left my heart -- he said, "Um Salamah, this is the sand of Karbala. When my grandson is killed, this sand will run red with his blood." How can you go there knowing you will be killed?


Imam Husain: Dear aunt, who can escape death? Even the Prophet surrendered his soul. I know what you are saying is true just as I know you yourself. This is a path we have to walk. Um Salamah, I will tell you more. We will be martyred on the tenth of Muharram, right after zuhr prayers. If you like, I can tell you the names of those who will be martyred with me.


Um Salamah: I don't know if I really want to know. (Looks around) I think I would like to. (He comes close to her and whispers something inaudible. She looks serious and nods. He whispers something else, and she reacts in extreme grief) Her too?


Imam Husain: It is the will of God.


Um Salamah: You only would leave us one daughter when you are gone to remind us of you. Fatimah! Fatimah! (someone brings the daughter of Imam Husain Fatimah who is known as Fatimah Aleelah)


Fatimah: (crying) Father, you're going, Aunt Zaynab is going, Uncle Abbas is going, you're all going. I want to go too like Sakina and Sukayna and Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar and Qasim.


Imam Husain: (bending down) You are very special to me, Fatimah. You know that, right?


Fatimah: Yes...


Imam Husain: That's why I have to leave you behind.


Fatimah: Don't leave me here alone Father. Without you, I don't have anyone else


Imam Husain: (To Um Salamah) You know she is not strong enough to handle the journey.


Um Salamah: I know.


Imam Husain: (to Fatimah) You are part of me, and you will always be with me in my heart. Don't think that because I am leaving you, I do not love you. Be strong for me. Be strong for your Aunt Zaynab. You will see her again soon. Trust me.


Fatimah: I will Father.


Imam Husain: Farewell my daughter. (Turns away slowly and leaves. Others follow)


(As soon as they are gone, she falls down and begins crying uncontrollably)


Fatimah: God, please don't leave me alone here. Please don't take my family from me. No one else cares about me. (cries) They can't hear me now, but You can hear me, so please send my words to them, God, and bring them back to me.