SCENE 6: KARBALA, 10 MUHARRAM, Before Noon (The Battle Begins)


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(Note: This scene continues from the prior scene with no scene transition)


Ibn Sad: Now! Seize the camp!


(Attack; the big army is beaten back and some soldiers fall, Son of Muslim falls on Imam Husain's side and more on the other side)


Shimr: This isn't working. We shouldn't be losing anyone.


Ibn Sa'd: Take them on man to man then, even if you're scared. Cut our losses. But stay away from him. (Points to Imam Husain) Cut off his support. We'll get him later. Even a son of a Prophet cannot fight forever without water. Concentrate on breaking up the sides.


Shimr: Army of Husain, we challenge you to fight!


Muslim ibn Awsajah: We are already fighting you!


Shimr: We challenge you to fight like men! Don't stand there like a huddle of old women! Come out in the tradition of your ancestors! Come out in the tradition of the Arabs! Show us your valour! Fight us one to one!


Muslim ibn Awsajah: (to Imam Husain) Can I?


Imam Husain: (to Muslim) Yes.


Muslim ibn Awsajah: (to army, holding up sword) You are the one who is challenging us, Shimr, and you are the one who will regret it! (Muslim rushes out - fights - kills some)


Shimr: Cut him down!


Habib: Good job, keep going.


Muslim: You cannot defeat someone who is fighting for the sake of Allah! (gets hit)


Evil Soldier: Next time, choose the right side. (Muslim yells falls)


Muslim ibn Awsajah: Assalaamu 'alayka ya aba Abdillah


Habib: You will pay for this! (runs out and rushes to body) My friend, I can't stand to see you like this, covered with dust and blood.


(Soldier backs off, scared. Imam Husain approaches body, kneels, and touches head)


Imam Husain: Min al-mu'mineen rijaalun sadaqu maa 'aahadu 'alayhi. "Of the believers are men who have been true to their convenant with Allah." (33:23)


Habib: May Allah grant you jannah, soon.


Muslim ibn Awsajah: (barely alive) You can't see it yet? I am already in Paradise, and I see you there too. Follow our Imam. He will lead you there. (dies)


(A couple women start crying. Imam Husain and Habib stand and move to stand guard)


Harmala: Another one down! (laughs)


Sympathetic Soldier: How dare you say that? Didn't you see him when he used to fight the kuffar? Now he is fighting you, and you're happy to see him die?


(Harmala shoves him aside)


Bereaved Woman: (from Imam Husain's side) Oh God... (rushes up to him and sits by his head. Cleans dust from his face if possible. Cries) Oh God... How did this happen...


Imam Husain: (calling across to her) Do not stay there. Go back to the tents!


Bereaved Woman: God, take me with you to jannah.


Imam Husain: For the sake of Allah, good lady, go back to the tents!


Shimr: Shut this woman up! (Motions to Harmala who grabs a sword from the sympathetic soldier, goes over to her and hits her on the head with a sword hilt. She screams and dies)


Abbas: (brandishes sword) You challenged us in the name of honor! Where is your honor now!


Imam Husain: Beware what you are doing. You will all answer to Allah!


Shimr: You will answer to Allah long before we do.


Imam Husain: Save yourselves. I warn you, every step you take will send you further into Hell. Leave, while you still can.


Sympathetic Soldier: They told us we were fighting rebels. This is getting way out of hand.


Fellow Soldier: Just follow orders. That's all you can do, follow orders.


Habib: I cannot wait here any longer. I can't stay here after they killed him. Let me be next.

Imam Husain: You have my blessing. Fight well.


Habib: I will. (Steps out) In the name of Allah and the Prophet of Allah, if you are determined to kill us, I challenge you to fight! (Soldiers come and attack; Habib parries them)


Evil Soldier: We will give you no rest.


Habib: God, if we only had some water. (Soldier slays him and he falls) I go back to Allah. Assalaamu 'alayka ya aba Abdillah....


(lights dim, so that you can barely see the fighting. Remainder of Imam Husain's companions who will not be killed later die in the fighting)


Click here to listen to the battle sounds (fade out when done)


Narrator: (offstage, in a grave voice) Muslim ibn Awsajah. Zuhayr ibn Kain. Jan. Habib ibn Madhahir. Wahab ibn Adullah Kalab. Hurr ibn Yazid ar-Riyahi....


Hurr: My master! My imam... (He falls, and the soldiers retreat)


Muadhdhin: (offstage) Allahu akbar, allahu akbar--


(While the lights are off, stack the dead bodies in a corner by the tent. They will remain there until the Karbala scenes are finished)