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Loop this clip throughout Scene 7 for icky dripping sounds



<SFX: Dungeon sounds, like water dripping>


(Women crying and calling out the names of their deceased)


Leila: Ali Akbar, Ali Akbar...


Sukayna: Abbas....


Ruqayyah: (more sadly than others) Baba....


Zainab: Dear Ruqayyah, your father wouldn't want you to suffer like this. He would have wanted you to bear the trials of Allah with strength.


Ruqayyah: I can't... and I won't.


Zainab: What do you mean?


Ruqayyah: Baba won't leave me here. He told me so, in a dream.


Zainab: Oh Ruqayyah, unless Allah wills, we cannot leave this wretched place.


< Sound of guard approaching>


Zainab: Cover yourselves... as best as you can. (Some women cover faces with arms)


(Guard enters)


Guard: A gift from the master.


Ruqayyah: We're not hungry!


Zainab: Shhhhhhh.


Guard: The master has sent you a special treat today. (Pulls cover off tray to reveal the head of Imam Husain. All gasp in horror. Ruqayyah screams)


Ruqayyah: Baba? (touches it gingerly) Is that you? Baba, your face feels so strange.... (begins crying, collapses crying)


Zainab: Ruqayyah, my dear, please, let go.... (looks at head momentarily, transfixed by her own memory) O Husain, I wish you were here with us now... (back to reality) Ruqayyah, come on Ruqayyah... Ruqayyah? Ruqayyah? (Shakes her) She's dead!


Sajjad: May God have mercy on her soul. These tyrants know no bounds. (Lowers face)


Zainab: O Allah, here is another sacrifice for my brother Husain. When will this ever end?


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