SCENE 9: KARBALA, 10 Muharram (Martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas)


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Zainab: Look at the children, they don't even have tears anymore. Their bodies are so parched. They will die of thirst before they die of sadness.


Abbas: I will fight.


Sukayna: No, Abbas, don't go.


Abbas: I will break their ranks.


Imam Husain: Do not go out to the battlefield. (Abbas looks at him) Get them water. You did it once; do it again.


Sukayna: We are very thirsty.


Abbas: I will bring them water, or I will die trying.


Imam Husain: You are my brother, Abbas. I have faith in you.


(Abbas grabs a waterskin and rushes off)

Abbas: I will return. You will see.


Roqayyah: Is he coming back?


Sukayna: Of course he will. He always does. He went to get you water.


Roqayyah: Thank you Uncle Abbas.


(Abbas makes way towards Euphrates)


Soldier: Stop right there! (Attacks; Abbas kills him and goes on)


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Abbas: Out of my way! (Fights a few more; reaches river and sticks hand it) Clear, cool water... No, I would never drink any before my Imam and the children. (Fills bag and turns back) My Imam, I am coming!


Sukayna: Did you hear that, Roqayyah? He's coming back!


(Soldiers rush towards him)


Ambushing Soldier: You won't get by us.


Abbas: I do not fear you. I am fighting in the way of Allah! (fights)


(Suddenly a soldier jumps out from behind a tree and severs his right hand with one blow. He grabs the waterskin in his left)


Abbas: You think if I loose my right hand I will give up! No, even if you cut off my right hand, I will continue to defend my religion!

(Soldier jumps out and cuts off his left)

Abbas: Even if you cut off my left hand, I will still continue defending my religion! I will bring this water to the children. You will not stop me! (Grabs water in teeth)


Shimr: (from a distance) Forget him, shoot the water!


(arrows target and pierce water)


Abbas: (falls to ground) My master, I have failed.... (Soldiers come in for the kill) Assalaamu alayka ya aba abdillah....


Imam Husain: My brother! (Rushes to him. Soldiers flee) What have these people done to you! My brother!


Abbas: My Imam, I am so sorry. I wanted so much to succeed for you.


Imam Husain: Rest now. You have done your duty.


Abbas: Forgive me, please.


Imam Husain: There is only one way I will ever forgive you.


Abbas: What? (weakly - remember, he's dying)


Imam Husain: Abbas, your entire life, you always called me Imam. I am your Imam. But I am also your brother. Just once, call me "brother".


Abbas: I will do what you say, yes, my brother, my brother.... (dies)


(Imam Husain mourns for a moment, then raises head and goes back. Sukayna runs up to him)

Roqayyah: Sukayna! Sukayna! Where is Abbas?

Sukayna: Baba, Uncle Abbas brought us water, right?


(Imam Husain looks down)


Zainab: He is dead.


Sukayna: No! He canít be


Zainab: We cannot stand without Abbas.


Imam Husain: The last of the Hashemites has fallen. Is there no one who will stand up for justice? Is there no one who fears the Fire?