By Blakstone

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"It...it is hard for someone to give you a choice like that. Either you take your scarf off, or, basically, you can't go to university; you can't go to school."

2004, and things have changed
It ain’t the same no more. Whilst before
They only stared at you. Nowadays they try to force their opinion,
Entering your dominion
Talking about rights and your low stature.
Everything from your role as a mother,
To the scarf that you cover
With, in the stands, bearing witness to one thing or another
And overruled if you object, your honour is under pressure,
Cause the shields that protect you are getting shorter and lesser.
I see you struggle just to find meals,
Fighting the wind and rain in search of those Halal deals,
Knowing the gain is yet to come, and when there’s no wheels
You carry baby Zahra in one hand till she feels
Heavier than the shopping bags. My son at your heels
Trying hard to be a man in the absence of his father.
Hand inside your hand trying to lead you through the jahil streets,
Reciting Suras that you taught him only just last week.
You’re my rock. You give me strength and power
Through your insistence that we both go out and carry this dawah.
I love my sisters, and I’ll die before I see you harmed in front of me,
Then in my grave, I’ll beg invoke Allah to see you free
From all the suffering you’ve felt so far because of me.
I let it slip and now the damned Kuffar are blatantly
Attacking you, your ideas, your loves, your fears
And for years all we have seen are your tears
Forgive us sister.

"It's just the looks that you get on the train, the way people look at you. I mean, since the whole September 11th thing, you know, I've had abuse, people are saying, oh you know, you murderers, you killers, you terrorists."

They don’t know you, think they got you sussed.
Got the world believing that you grieve because of us.
In the West its tough, it ain’t enough
That they swear and frown at you
They even dare to raise their hands at you.
I know its hard walking them streets and boulevards
From your head to your feet jilbabed and scarved.
With sun blazing heat burning up the concrete,
Folks gazing like you’re about to bomb the high street.
Enough hate in their glares to get your skin scarred
And barred from schoolyards by the bourgeois.
Cause where you’re at what you wear is un-bearable
Part of the fact is your faith is un-tearable.
You got’em all shook, so their new hook
Is banning your veil and liberating you with New Look,
Season Channel, nudity, Gucci and Fcuk
As they cook a plot
In their melting pot
That simmers in hell well.
These damn crooks, they want us all hooked
On their secular thought
Caught up in a war fought
Through magazines and books
Pumping their liberal filth and gook,
Their plan is destroy your Iman and have Islam forsook.
And now they’ re searching every cranny and nook,
And now they’re marching out their armies and sending their spooks.
Even back home ain’t as safe as it should be,
I swear we’re working hard so it would be.
You see the West’s is planning in stealth
Hence all you’ve seen in Philastine has been drama and death.
In Iraq all we’ve had is pure trauma and wealth
Usurped, whilst your kids struggle for breath.
And it’s a mess but you stand firm nevertheless.
Tall and proud in your shroud you wont settle for less.
Oppressed, living in fear did make you cry,
Mutasima fell on deaf ears but didn’t brake you.
It made you a soldier you stayed true
and now you’re striving raising an army to save you.
Never again allowing a man to enslave you,
A brave few reviving a nation beside you
And rising!

And it’s a Fard that we protect your honour.
I know its hard to believe you have so many brothers
And still ain’t safe in the streets
Today. You’re missing school again and again
And they say they’ll let you attend,
Sister as long as you bend
But you stand straight and tall,
Jilbab and all,
Going from school to school, checking their protocols.
Although you do value your education,
No hesitation in rejecting calls for integration,
Standing ovation.
You understand this is a test no less
And progress is just a matter of who worships best.
So redress the balance, aim much higher than that.
Become a mother, doctor, engineer no fear it’s a fact
You can do anything you want to do your limits are, that
Which are sent down by your creator and you know they hate that
And all the fuss they make is only cause they’re jealous. A pack
Of wolves hunting the sheep don’t weep your shepherds are back
And they’re stacked with an agenda not to render this Deen.
Ain't no pretenders like the leaders we’ve seen.
Believe we say what we mean.
I know its hard being a throne-less Queen,
Al Hakim has promised all that you dream.
And in between that time and this, persist,
Stay strong, as long as we exist
We’ll do our best to assist.
You belong to an Ummah that is fighting hard to rid you of wrong.
I know its hard and your tired and scarred
From all the places your barred,
But don’t cry you know we’ve come this far,
Try till we die fi sabil Allah.

"It would not matter who asked me. I would never take off my scarf. I'd never disobey Allah subhaana wa ta'aala for anyone."