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Ahl al-Bait (as)
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Thar Allah
The Land of Karbala
Every Day is Ashura
King of Martyrs
I Salute You, O my Master, O my Leader, my Imam!
From Karbala to Imam Mahdi
Sajjad, Sajjad, Where's Your Sister?
I'm Zaynab

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Wa Hussaina

From the author of the Tears from Heaven Collection
Masjid al-Kufa
Spirit of Husain
Tortured Oppressed Zaynab
Love of My Heart
Ja`fari, Beloved Imam

Recited by Haj Usama Al-Atar
Be Strong Zaynab
Be Strong Zaynab, New Version
Husain is of Me

Recited by Molla Bassem Al-Karbala'i
The Symbol of Strength

Recited by Brown-mail
Passion of Karbala (rap)

Fatima is Fatima

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Object of Despair
A Silent Death

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