Masjid al-Kufa

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Masjid al-Kufa, tragic was the plight
Lonely Morteza, gracious was your light

Son of blessed Adam, love of the awilyaa
Brother of Rasul, beloved Morteza
Born to a sacred place, born from a holy face
Key to the anbiyaa, Sayyidi Haydar

Tears from Ali's heart, his loved ones must depart
Ahmad and Zahra, brethren of Kisaa
Torn from worldly pain, sad eulogies again
Son of the blessed Ka`bah, Sayyidi Haydar

Tragedy and fitnah visited Morteza
The rise of a worldly clan distanced from true Islam
The curse of Mu'awiyah, the enemies of Allah
They murdered the fragrant star, Sayyidi Haydar

The scene was set was foul, conspirators would scowl
They raised the blessed Qur'an, then betrayed every future man
From the ummah they did steal, but the truth Allah reveal
They prepared a Karbala for Sayyidi Haydar

Ya Masjid al-Kufa, scene of the foulest scheme
In ruku` and sajdah, betrayed they the purest scene
What kind of faith had they, in a masjid they could slay
The brother of Moustafa, Sayyidi Haydar

Cursed then are they; foulness was their way
Zahrat of nifaaq, abandoned they their `aql
The way of the Ahl al-Beit for them was naught but hate
Betrayer from Kufa of Sayyidi Haydar

Time has passed since then, many tragedies again
For Hasan and Husain, murder deceit and pain
For centuries oppressed, but the balance was redressed
By the heir of Ali's flame, Companion of Husain

Now power is in our hands, yet resistance still it stands
As in the time of Ali came many jealousies
The struggle for the power, they crushed the fragrant flower
But the flame of Ali burns, the enemies will learn.

Lovers of Ali, rise from your waking sleep
Call to the one on high, the path of Allah to keep
Leave your devisive ways, remember those ancient days
Stand by the Mu'min's way; Ali is here today.