Spirit of Husain

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Spirit of Husain, pious strong and brave
Take us as shaheed; take us as your slave
Spirit of Husain, pious strong and brave
Take us as shaheed;take us as your slave

O you lonely hearts, shattered by the pain
Hear how every tear shouts out Husain's name
The call of Al-Husain echoes from age to age
Every saddened face holds a sacred place

O you tearful ones, can you see the child?
Can you see him smile, hold him for a while?
Can you hear him cry, see tears in his eyes?
This was our Husain, Ali Asghar was his pain

O fearless Abbas! Where are your sacred hands?
Where are your shining arms? Plundered on the sands?
Where is your valiant heart? Where is your sword so sharp?
Quench their thirst -- so pure, brave you surely were!

Daughter of Haydar, your pure heart bears the scars
Beloved of Batul, you felt their hate so cruel
Sisters in Islam, imagine yourselves in Shaam
You're the heirs of dear Zaynab, holding to hijaab

Upon each Ashura, our hearts ache for Husayn
The suffering of Rabab, of Zaynab and Sajjad
Our blood flows through our veins, burning with your name
Our love for Rasul Allah calls us to Karbala

Farewell O Husain, let's leave this wretched place
And by Allah's will, in jannah we'll kiss your face
Farewell Sayyid Sajjad, farewell O dear Zaynab
Farewell O Karbala, we come to Madinah